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Pump Shotgun

We Know Hunting, Fishing, And Firearms

Welcome to AmmoAtlas, your source for information on all manner of firearms, accessories, ammunition, tactical gear, hunting supplies, fishing gear, and basically anything else that has to do with outdoor sports. Whether you want to bag a trophy buck, land a large mouth bass, or just exercise your 2nd amendment rights – we have you covered. AmmoAtlas offers general information on how different types of rifles, pistols, and shotguns operate, so that you understand the mechanisms behind these amazing tools. And we provide detailed gear reviews and comparisons, so that you can make an informed decision when you decide to make a purchase.



Competitive Pistol Shooting

The United States became a nation in large part because the citizenry utilized firearms to gain their independence. Because of that the right to bear arms was recognized in our founding documents, and Americans have been buying and using guns ever since. It is estimated that there are over 300 million guns in the U.S., which is close to 1 for every resident in our nation.

The variety of firearms available is staggering. There are pistols, rifles, shotguns, black powder guns, and more. Within each of those categories are subsets – revolvers, automatics, bolt action, and pump. And all those guns require accessories – everything from scopes (read our review of red dot scopes here) to shooting glasses, and from electronic hearing protection to gun safes. That is why we review so many items – to help you sort out all your options.



A Compound Hunting Bow

There is something primal about hunting with a bow. Taking an animal with a rifle can be done from such a distance that in many cases the animal has no chance of detecting the hunter. But archers know that in most cases for them to take a deer or other large animal they need to be close. In addition, they need to make that first shot count because unlike rifles bow hunters rarely get to fire twice.

Given that, it is critical that you have the best equipment you can afford if you are going to bow hunt. You deserve it, and more importantly so do the animals you hunt. And that is more than just bows and arrows – the same goes for your archery targets, clothing, and all the other archery accessories. Which is why Ammo Atlas reviews the latest compound bows and archery equipment available – to give you an edge for the hunt.



Retrieving A Duck

There are numerous places to hunt across our vast country, and a variety of different game that can be taken. Every hunt has its own unique requirements, which means you may need different firearms and other equipment for each type of game you pursue. If white tailed deer is your thing, you might need a deer call, or a tree stand to give yourself a vantage point. If you hunting waterfowl duck calls, game bags, and barrel chokes might be on your short list.

Every good hunter knows that two critical factors to a successful hunt are how well you conceal yourself from your prey and how good you are at luring them into your position. Of course camouflage is a key component of hiding yourself, but other items like duck blinds help keep you out of sight. Smells also play a role in hunting, which is why we cover items like buck lure and scent masks to help you fool your prey’s nose.



Fly Fishing

Scientists say there are over 15,000 different varieties of freshwater fish, and each one has a different diet and habitat. For those who make fishing their obsession, learning those particulars and having the right gear to tackle them is a must. Whether you fish with bait, lures, or flies there seems to be an almost endless selection of each available. You need to find the right fishing rod and pair it with the proper fishing reel, and then string it with the right kind of fishing line to let you land your target. Then there are nets, creels, bait pails and scaling knives to consider. And if you are high tech there are electronic tools like fish finders that will make you an angler to be feared. It is a lot to take in, which is why we work to review the latest fishing gear to help you make informed purchases.


tactical gear

A collection of tactical gear

No one who regularly follows the news will deny that we live in dangerous times. Men and women who want to take an active role in defending themselves, their loved ones, and their property need the right gear and supplies to properly prepare. There have been tremendous advancements in tactical technology in recent years, which means it takes research to keep up with what is available. Tools like night vision binoculars and surveillance cameras are now readily available to the public. There is a vast array of tactical knives, flashlights, and other preparedness gear out there. And clothing options like tactical vests that rival military grade can give you the edge that might mean the difference in a survival situation.

Our mission at Ammo Atlas is to stay up on all the latest gear, and give you the info you need to select the right sporting goods for your needs.