Gavin Riordan

My name is Gavin Riordan. I’m a third generation hunter, ammunition expert, and major gun enthusiast.

Having the right gear for the right situation can define the outcome.

I believe that you are half of the solution, and the gear is the other half.

Here, I’m going to teach you how to train yourself, and find out what the best tactical equipment is.

I learned when I was young. My family has been actively involved in the military, from service to American Legion involvement, fundraisers and more. 

It’s in our blood. As such, my father was able to teach me everything he knew from a young age.

I was not only fascinated, but dedicated to learning how to control an out-of-the-ordinary situation. It heavily relies on the tools at your disposal, which is why I made Ammo Atlas in the first place.

Whether it’s something simple, like duck calls, or more complex pieces of machinery like bullet reloaders, I’ve used and worn-out just about everything you can think of. 

When you go to look online to like minded people, you come across a trove of questions and ill-informed people trying to answer those questions.

Not anymore. Ammo Atlas is a haven for tactical folk like me, who want to increase their arsenal, equip themselves for anything and everything, and come out on top in a worst-case scenario.

I have a son and a daughter, and they’re both in the middle of learning all about this. My daughter’s a better shot at taking down a mallard than I was at her age, and my boy is one of the best anglers I’ve seen out there.

I’m keeping the tradition alive. I’m teaching them how to survive and brace themselves for come-what-may.

Question is, are you ready? If not, that’s okay; just buckle in and get ready to buckle down, I’ve got a lot to teach you.