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aboutI grew up in rural Maine, and hunting and shooting were an intrinsic part life in my community. My parents lived on about 140 acres of land, most of which was wooded. Seeing deer, bear, grouse, and other game was a common occurrence. And a major focus of all fall activities was hunting season.

My father taught me to shoot as a kid, and also how to reload ammo. My junior high offered a hunting safety class as part of the curriculum, and my friends and I would often go walk the high school cross country course after school to hunt for grouse. For several months in the fall the majority of the trucks in the student parking lot would have a shotgun on a rack in the back window.

Things have obviously changed since then. Due to gun violence and misuse by criminals, we law-abiding citizens are finding it increasingly difficult to find the guns, ammo, and gear we need to responsibly utilize our second amendment rights. That is why I started AmmoAtlas.com – to put together a central location for people to find stores that carry the hunting, shooting, and other outdoor equipment we want.

We hope you find the information we’ve assembled useful. If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact us here.

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