AmmoAtlas Announces 2018 Scholarship Winner

2018 ammoatlas scholarship winnerAmmoAtlas is proud to announce that Caleb Eggert is the winner of The 2018 AmmoAtlas Outdoor Scholarship. The award, which was created to help future sporting goods builders and users make it through school, found a worthy recipient in the Gordon College junior.

In his winning essay, Eggert described the necessity of owning a firearm for today’s Americans, saying

It is therefore imperative to own a gun in this country to protect both lives and liberty. By simply owning a firearm, we secure ourselves and our freedoms.

He gave further evidences of the need to preserve our right to bear arms, and then finished with this:

In conclusion, America has faced many threats to the well-being of her democracy. At the forefront of these threats is a challenge she faces from within: the protests that want to kill what makes America special. Despite firearms having a positive impact on American society by preserving ‘American society’ itself, there are still calls to take them away from law abiding citizens. This must be challenged in order to retain our America. It is my hope that the freedoms that make American society uncommonly exceptional will not scutter into oblivion at the hands of my generation.

Eggert has displayed sustained excellence during his college career, and leadership that extends beyond just preserving American rights. Caleb is a junior at Gordon College double-majoring in Economics and Business Administration. He is guided by a strong Christian faith and a desire to serve others. While at Gordon, he has served as captain of the ice hockey team while maintaining a 3.7 GPA. In the upcoming school year, he will also serve as a leader of a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, and in the role of Director of Business Management for his school’s student government. Raised in Clifton, Maine, Caleb is most deeply passionate about hockey, learning, and the outdoors.

Caleb is exactly the type of motivated and well-rounded student we were looking for when we created this scholarship, and we at AmmoAtlas are thrilled to be able to name him as The AmmoAtlas Outdoor Scholarship’s first recipient.

AmmoAtlas’s mission as a business is to be a leader in promoting outdoor activities, such as hunting, fishing, and shooting. The establishment of their scholarship program was seen as an extension of that mission – by helping an aspiring student get the education necessary to lead in future generations.

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