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Best Deer Calls

What Is A Deer Call

A deer call is really nothing more than a hunting technique that uses sound to lure deer. Hunters have used it for thousands of years using grunt sounds to pique the curiosity of deer. Recently, though, deer calling has evolved as hunters use instruments to generate sound.

If you search for “What is a deer call” on Google, you will see that there are many websites out there that teach you how to make game-luring sounds. There are even Youtube videos. You can watch them and see how deer calling is done.

Would you be always successful if you use deer calls? According to experts, not always. Apparently, it all depends on the mood and the attitude of the animal. If a deer is grazing and busy filling itself, there’s little chance he will pay attention to any sound you make. You can, however, be successful if you would be patient and wait until the animal looks up and looks around his surroundings.

An aggressive deer that is taunting other animals is much easier to call, and there are specific sounds that can lure it to you. How does a deer call sound like? It mimics the sound of deer. It’s done just enough to give hunters a quality shot.

There are hunters out there who have never attempted to use deer calls, afraid of luring whitetails away. Part of the problem is not knowing what sounds deer make and when they should be used.

Deer sounds can be classified into four: bleat, grunt, rattle, and snort wheeze. Although they make many sounds, the sounds deer make are a combination or variation of those sounds. If you familiarize yourself with these sounds, you will definitely improve your hunting.

  • Grunt – It’s one of the most popular and important deer calls. Buck grunt when they rub trees, fight and chase does, and make scrapes. All hunters are familiar with this sound.
  • Rattle – This is the sound deer produce when they are fighting during the rut cycle.
  • Bleat – Bleat sound mimic the vocalization of fawns and does.
    Snort Wheeze – This sound is a dominance call and only big bucks are able to make them. This is the sound used to intimidate subordinate bucks. A snort wheeze is composed of two short bursts of air and then a longer one.

As you can see, there are several types of sounds you can make to lure game to you. The key to successfully using sounds is to familiarize yourself with them and utilizing them at appropriate times.

Deer make all types of grunting sounds and they are used for different occasions. For example, there are social grunts and there are grunts used during mating season.

When you are using sound for hunting, it’s very important that you are ready to react when the deer moves toward you. There will be times when you hit the right note and the animal reacts right away. So, have your bow or rifle ready.

Best Deer Calls For The Money

Bestseller No. 1
Illusion Game Calls Extingusher Deer Call System
1,271 Reviews
Bestseller No. 2
Deer Hunters Moon Guide
47 Reviews
Deer Hunters Moon Guide
  • Moon Hunting Guide
  • Dates, Times, Locations
  • 2018 Data (August 2018 - January 2019)
  • 20+ Years of Testing
  • Made in the USA
Bestseller No. 3
Evolved 24502 Deer Co-Cain BlackMagic, 4.5-Pounds
25 Reviews
Evolved 24502 Deer Co-Cain BlackMagic, 4.5-Pounds
  • A premium formulation of Deer Cane with more minerals and flavor attractants that requires no mixing and begins instantly attracting deer
  • Once placed on the bare ground, Black Magic is enriched with calcium, phosphorus and sodium to continually contribute to the health of your deer herd
  • 4.5lb bag of mixture
SaleBestseller No. 4
Evolved Habitats Harvest Throw and Gro, 5-Lbs.
51 Reviews
Evolved Habitats Harvest Throw and Gro, 5-Lbs.
  • Create a personal food plot to attract and hold deer where you want to hunt.
  • The plants in Throw & Gro No-Till Forage can be planted without discing so that you can plant in areas not accessible to heavy equipment.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Whitetail Institute Imperial BowStand Food Plot Seed (Fall Planting), 4-Pound (4,500 sq. ft.)
20 Reviews
Whitetail Institute Imperial BowStand Food Plot Seed (Fall Planting), 4-Pound (4,500 sq. ft.)
  • Fall annual designed to attract deer to small, remote food plots for bow hunting
  • Includes new specially selected radish and lettuce, and other highly attractive forages
  • Designed for maximum attraction with minimal planting effort - Can be planted with minimal seedbed preparation
  • Designed to flourish even in partial shade - EXTREMELY drought and cold tolerant
  • Contains a soil pH booster to help optimize forage growth even in slightly acidic soils
Bestseller No. 6
Evolved Industries 73027 Food Plot Seed, 7-Card Stud, 10-Lbs.
19 Reviews
Bestseller No. 7
Mighty Deer Lick 22340 Acorn Salt Lick Block
52 Reviews
Bestseller No. 8
Mighty Deer Lick 4 lb. Sweet Apple Block
122 Reviews
Bestseller No. 9
1LBS Purple Top Turnip Deer Food Plot Seeds Food Plot Non-GMO Vegetable Garden Micro Greens Seeds Whitetail Deer Green Goose
3 Reviews
1LBS Purple Top Turnip Deer Food Plot Seeds Food Plot Non-GMO Vegetable Garden Micro Greens Seeds Whitetail Deer Green Goose
  • OrOlam Food Plot Vegetable Garden and Microgreens Sprouting Turnip Seeds 1 Lb Seeds Whitetail Deer & Goose
  • High Germination Rate Non-GMO Chemical Free Heirloom
  • Seeds for Deer,Turkey, Goose, Pheasant & Quail Food Plot Forage
  • Well suited for almost any soil, early maturing, Desired by most wildlife
  • Perfect for Growing Microgreens and Garden Seeds Maturity - 60 to 90 days
SaleBestseller No. 10
Whitetail Institute Apple Obsession Deer Attractant, 6-Pound
21 Reviews
Whitetail Institute Apple Obsession Deer Attractant, 6-Pound
  • EXTREMELY attractive to deer, especially in the early fall and winter
  • Fortified with ESSENTIAL VITAMINS AND MINERALS to boost energy levels
  • Contains 24% protein
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Can be poured directly on the ground

Deer Call Video

Here is a video discussing various Deer Calls:

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