The United States became a nation in large part because the citizenry utilized firearms to gain their independence.

Because of that the right to bear arms was recognized in our founding documents, and Americans have been buying and using guns ever since. It is estimated that there are over 300 million guns in the U.S., which is close to 1 for every resident in our nation.

The variety of firearms available is staggering. There are pistols, rifles, shotguns, black powder guns, and more.

Within each of those categories are subsets – revolvers, automatics, bolt action, and pump.

And all those guns require accessories – everything from magazine loaders and scopes (read our review of red dot scopes here) to shooting glasses, and from hearing protection (like the best hearing protection for the shooting range and also electronic hearing protection for hunting) to recoil pads and gun safes and even shooting mats.

And don’t forget the gunsmiths – they have gear too, like gun vices, gun cleaning mats, gun cleaning kits, and laser bore sighters. That is why we review so many items – to help you sort out all your options.

Top 10 Red Dot Sights

Top 3 Red Dot Sights Reviewed

The use of red dot scopes has become increasingly more important as advances have been made to camera, point and shoot, telescopic, and lighting resources.  …

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Best Gun Cleaning Mat

Top 8 Gun Cleaning Mats Reviewed

Every gun owner knows that it’s important to clean their guns and rifles. However, many gun owners don’t realize how often they should clean their …

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Best Gun Vise

The Top 5 Gun Vises Reviewed

If you’re a frequent shooter, enjoy hunting, or have military background, chances are your firearm is one of your most prized possessions.  If this happens …

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Best Shooting Mats

The Top 4 Shooting Mats Reviewed

If you’re an avid shooter, you know the discomfort that lying on gravel, rocks, or even dirt brings.  It doesn’t matter how great your aim …

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Best Rifle Cases

The Top 5 Rifle Cases Reviewed

Rifle cases are a crucial part of any outdoorsman’s equipment.  Used to keep your rifle and ammo safe, secure, and dry while out in the …

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Best Recoil Pads

The Top 5 Recoil Pads Reviewed

It was Newton that observed “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” His third law has implications everywhere, and that includes in …

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Best Magazine Loaders

The Top 7 Magazine Loaders Reviewed

One of the more time consuming – and sometimes painful – aspects of shooting a semi-auto pistol or rifle is repeatedly loading bullets into the …

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Best Gun Grips

The Top 5 Gun Grips Reviewed

Gun grips are very functional gun accessories. Not only do they make your firearm more comfortable to hold, but they secure the gun better in …

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Best Gunsmithing Tools

The Top 5 Gun smithing Tool Kits Reviewed

Whatever your reason for owning a firearm, eventually you will need to maintain it if you want it to continue to perform at optimal levels.  …

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Best Gun Cleaning Kits

Top Gun Cleaning Kits Reviewed

Taking care of your gun is vitally important if you want it to be reliable and last a long time.  Basic gun maintenance is important, …

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Best Gun Racks

The Top 5 Gun Racks Reviewed

For those of us with more than one gun, we need a place to store our precious firearms. Of course they can always be stored …

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Best Ammo & Magazine Pouches

The Top 5 Magazine Pouches Reviewed

If you are planning on spending more than one magazine of ammo, you will definitely need an ammo/magazine pouch.  There are a wide variety of …

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Best Shooting Glasses

The Top 5 Shooting Glasses Reviewed

When asking what are shooting glasses, the definition is associated with an eyewear that is impact resistant used by a shooter to avoid injuries from …

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Best Ear Protection For Shooting

What Is The Best Ear Protection For The Shooting Range?

When you’re planning on doing some shooting, one of the most important protection items you should have with you are ear plugs.  “What are shooting …

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Best Gun Targets

The Top Gun Targets Reviewed

Anyone who has been to a shooting range has seen at least one gun target. Usually black on neon or white backgrounds, gun targets let …

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Best Gun Locks

The Top Gun Locks Reviewed

While it is always best to keep your firearms stored in a locked gun cabinet, there are some situations where you need added security. This …

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Best Gun Safes

The Top 11 Gun Safes Reviewed

Are you looking for something to keep guns in your home without putting your children or your family at risk? The best thing to invest …

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Best Spotting Scopes

The Top 5 Spotting Scopes Reviewed

Spotting scopes are a necessary piece of equipment for a pro hunter.  Spotting scopes are able to increase the field of vision of the user …

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Best Scope Rings

The Top 5 Scope Rings Reviewed

The first thing you need to do in order to hit your target is see it. Iron sights are fine for closer shots, but when …

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Best Scope Covers

The Top Scope Covers Reviewed

Gun Scope covers are more for than just looks – they are important pieces of equipment that keep your scope in good condition.  Not only …

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Best Gun Sights

The Top Backup Iron Sights (BUIS) Reviewed

Gun sights are critical if you want to be as accurate as possible while shooting your gun.  Having the best sight for you might be …

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Best Rifle Scopes

The Top Rifle Scopes Under $200 Reviewed

The question of what is a rifle scope and its benefits is quite common. With the growing trend of average citizens taking up the sport …

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Best Handgun Scopes

The Top 5 Handgun Scopes Reviewed

You may think that scopes are only for rifles and they are unnecessary on pistols, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Handgun scopes …

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Best Laser Bore Sighter

The Top 5 Laser Bore Sighters Reviewed

Laser bore sighters (or laser bore sights) are used to make sure that your gun is still properly calibrated even after a long trip.  A …

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