Competitive Pistol Shooting

The United States became a nation in large part because the citizenry utilized firearms to gain their independence. Because of that the right to bear arms was recognized in our founding documents, and Americans have been buying and using guns ever since. It is estimated that there are over 300 million guns in the U.S., which is close to 1 for every resident in our nation.

The variety of firearms available is staggering. There are pistols, rifles, shotguns, black powder guns, and more. Within each of those categories are subsets – revolvers, automatics, bolt action, and pump. And all those guns require accessories – everything from magazine loaders and scopes (read our review of red dot scopes here) to shooting glasses, and from hearing protection (like the best hearing protection for the shooting range and also electronic hearing protection for hunting) to recoil pads and gun safes and even shooting mats. And don’t forget the gunsmiths – they have gear too, like gun vices, gun cleaning mats, gun cleaning kits, and laser bore sighters. That is why we review so many items – to help you sort out all your options.

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