Scientists say there are over 15,000 different varieties of freshwater fish, and each one has a different diet and habitat.

For those who make fishing their obsession, learning those particulars and having the right gear to tackle them is a must. Whether you fish with bait, lures, or flies there seems to be an almost endless selection of each available.

You need to find the right fishing rod and pair it with the proper fishing reel, and then string it with the right kind of fishing line to let you land your target. Then there are nets, creels, bait pails and scaling knives to consider.

And if you are high tech there are electronic tools like fish finders that will make you an angler to be feared. It is a lot to take in, which is why we work to review the latest fishing gear to help you make informed purchases.

Best Fly Fishing Reels

The Top Fly Fishing Reels Reviewed

Fly fishing is a popular pastime, but itrequires a specific set of gear to participate.  That includes wet and dry flys, rods and a good …

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