There are numerous places to hunt across our vast country, and a variety of different game that can be taken. Every hunt has its own unique requirements, which means you may need different firearms and other equipment for each type of game you pursue.

If white tailed deer is your thing, you might need a deer call, or a tree stand and monoculars to give yourself a vantage point, after using a trail camera to spy out where they are congregating.

If elk are your game of choice, you will need a great elk hunting backpack to carry out your prize. If you hunting waterfowl duck calls, game bags, hunting fanny packs, and barrel chokes might be on your short list.

A hunting knife is a must-have no matter which type of game you hunt, which means hunting knife sharpeners should also be on your short list.

And if you are trying to record your hunting exploits for posterity, a GoPro for hunting might be just the piece of tech gear for your hunting pack.

Every good hunter knows that two critical factors to a successful hunt are how well you conceal yourself from your prey and how good you are at luring them into your position.

Of course camouflage is a key component of hiding yourself, but other items like duck blinds help keep you out of sight. Smells also play a role in hunting, which is why we cover items like buck lure and scent masks to help you fool your prey’s nose.

And if you are planning on treks during inclement weather, you might be interested in finding hunting base layers to keep you warm in the cold. For a multi-day trip you will need a good backpacking tent to sleep in.

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