No one who regularly follows the news will deny that we live in dangerous times. Men and women who want to take an active role in defending themselves, their loved ones, and their property need the right gear and supplies to properly prepare.

There have been tremendous advancements in tactical technology in recent years, which means it takes research to keep up with what is available. Tools like night vision binoculars and surveillance cameras are now readily available to the public.

There is a vast array of tactical knives, tactical tomahawks, flashlights, and other preparedness gear out there.

And clothing options like tactical vests that rival military grade can give you the edge that might mean the difference in a survival situation. Of course you will need a tactical backpack to carry all of your gear.

Best Tactical Tomahawk

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Best Tactical Backpacks

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Best Tactical Vests

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Best Tactical Knives

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